Sergeant Milan Pratt

May 1899 - April 15, 1922

Sgt. Milan Pratt was killed on duty when the motorcycle he was riding went out of control on a strip of pavement under construction near Plymouth, Michigan.  Sergeant Pratt was the second MSP officer to die n the line of duty.

(Further information not available due to lack of historical records)

Trooper Harold E. Anderson

March 1899 - March 12, 1921

Tpr. Harold E. Anderson was shot while investigating a suspicious vehicle near Novi, Michigan.

As Trooper Anderson and his partner approached the car, the driver opened fire with a pistol. One of his bullets struck Trooper Anderson near the heart. The mortally wounded officer pulled his gun and fired at the vehicle as it sped away. The second officer also fired, but the bullets failed to halt the car. Trooper Anderson walked back to his patrol car and collapsed.

Trooper Anderson died as he was being transported to a local doctor’s office. The vehicle was later located and the suspect apprehended.

Trooper Anderson was the first MSP officer to die in the line of duty.