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Representing the troopers and sergeants of the Michigan State Police since 1979

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Michigan State Police Troopers Association

From its humble beginnings nearly 50 years ago, the Michigan State Police Troopers Association has evolved to become a leader in the arena of police labor. Prior to the advent of collective bargaining, state police troopers and sergeants were subject to the draconian policies and practices of both the Department of State Police and the state Civil Service Commission. Some of these policies and practices when viewed in the 21st century would seem foreign to many. It was because of these often-subtle oppressions that this proud organization was formed.

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The Michigan State Troopers Assistance Fund, (“M”-“Staf”) was formed by the Michigan State Police Troopers Association in 1993 as a nonprofit charitable organization under 501(c)(3) guidelines of the Internal Revenue Code.

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Michigan trooper adopts dog after responding to abandoned animal call

A Michigan State Police trooper recently responded to an abandoned animal call, and then, “something special happened,” officials said

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Police Sergeant overcomes the odds and gives back to First Responders

An incredible story about Dallas Police Sergeant, Ed Lujan, who nearly died five years ago after being run over three times who just completed his 54th triathlon in support of First Responders! “Despite the challenges, Lujan said he never second guessed that he'd be where he is having just competed in his 54th triathlon. “I had no doubt, but with the support of your family and friends, you can do anything," he said. "It’s just a mind thing. It hurt, but you just keep on pedaling and keep going. It’s part of life." Lujan said this triathlon finish is dedicated to...

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